Joint-stock company

Mining Corporation

The territory of extraction of ilmenite
and iron ore concentrates.


The company

Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation joint-stock company purchased Olekminsky Mine in 2021 after it had been idled for six years.

The mining area of ilmenite and iron ore concentrates is located in the North-west of the Amur region, 35 km from the railway station Olekma of the Baykal-Amur Railway. At the mine itself there are three quarries, a crushing and sorting complex, an ore processing factory, a loading and unloading unit, an administrative complex and more other facilities.

For 2 incomplete years Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation JSC has completely created a new team, updated equipment and managed to establish a processing line in a short time. Now the company sells its goods for export in China, as well as in Russia.

The main priority of Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation is the staff: the company has created comfortable working conditions and more than a thousand new jobs for specialists of different branches. Owing to the efforts of all employees headed by the general director, as well as the owner of the enterprise, a year after the company had started its operational activity, the mine began to produce iron ore concentrate, and a year later the processing of ilmenite was adjusted.

Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation JSC strives to meet all state standarts and requirements of stakeholders, taking into account the current specifics of political and economic environment. Olekminskiy mine is currently the only producer of ilmenite in Russia, the company’s main mission consists in supplying the state with strategically important raw materials.


«Considering the policy of import substitution, the mining enterprise is of national importance, — said Vasily Orlov, the Governor of the Amur Region. — For the region such enterprises are new employment, as well as an impetus to the socio-economic development of the northern territories.

The product

Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation produces 2 types of products.

  • 1

    Specification (ТУ):

    Titanomagnetite concentrate

    The main component is the mineral mineral titanomagnetite consisting of iron and titanium oxides, the formula of titanomagnetite FeTiO3×Fe3O4., which is a raw material for the metal industry in the production of cast iron and ferrotitane.

    According to its properties, titanomagnetite concentrate is a granular powder of black color. The material is magnetic, explosion- and fire-proof, non-toxic.

    Titanomagnetite concentrate is shipped in bulk into open railway wagons. photos of shipment

    Qualitative characteristics of titanomagnetite concentrate.

    • Denomination


    • Mass fraction of common ferrum, (Fe),%

      61,0 – 62,9

    • Mass fraction of ferrum (III) oxide, (Fe2O3) %

      84,7 – 89,9

    • Mass fraction of titanium dioxide (TiO2), % (not less than)

      61,0 – 62,9

    • Mass fraction of common iron,%

      61,0 – 62,9

    • Mass fraction of common iron,%

      61,0 – 62,9

    • Mass fraction of ferrum (III) oxide (Fe2O3),%

      84,7 – 89,9

    • Mass fraction of titanium oxide (TiO2), (not less than)

      61,0 – 62,9

  • 2

    Specification (ТУ): -55933204-2022

    Ilmenite concentrate

    The main component is ilmenate, a mineral consisting of iron oxides and titanium dioxide. The component can be described by the formula FeTiO3.

    Ilmenite concentrate is the main raw material for the production of titanium metal, its alloys and titanium dioxide (a pigment of white colour), which is a granular powder of black colour.

    Ilmenite concentrate is delivered in bags Photo of shipment
    • Denomination


    • Mass fraction of titanium dioxide, (TiO2) % (not less than)


    • Permissible deviation by mass fraction of titanium dioxide, (TiO2), %

      ± 0,7

    • Mass fraction of common ferrum (Fe),%, max


    • Mass fraction of ferrum (II) oxide (FeO),% max


    • Mass fraction of ferrum (III) oxide (Fe2O3),% max


    • Mass fraction of chromium oxide (Cr2O3),% max


    • Mass fraction of vanadium oxide (V2O5),% max


    • Mass fraction of phosphorus oxide (P2O5), % max



Production facilities

When the enterprise reaches its maximum capacity, the annual indicators are to be:

  • 6325 k M3

    Mining of rock

  • 3600 k T

    ore processing in CSS, physical weight

  • 1908 k Т

    Release of the enriched product to the CSS

  • 1048 k Т

    Titanomagnetite concentrate output, dry weight

The only significant
producer of ilmenite
concentrate in the territory of the Russian Federation.


We are proud of our team of experts who are key to the development and growth of our company.

  • Shashkina Galina Alekseevna

    Deputy General Director for Quality

  • Akimov Igor Anatolievich

    Chief Accountant


Dzhussoev Albert Alexandrovich

The head of the company


Karskanov Alexey Yulievich


The contacts

+7 848 848 48 48

The Baikal-Amur Mining Corporation
joint-stock company

Legal and postal address:
675000 the Amur Region, Tyndinsky district,
Ter. Processing Plant Olekma,
Promyshlennaya str., p.1

Company legal information:
TIN 9704081690
KPP 280801001
PSRN 1217700364860

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